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Elite Barn Structures designs and builds one-of-a-kind barns. Temple, NH

We feel that your personality should play a part in the design of your barn. Whether you want a classic style barn or something eclectic, we can design it and we can build it. The barn of your dreams.

Together, we can create a structure that accommodates your desires and your horse's well being.

Elite Barn Structures employs and consults some of the most highly skilled builders, designers, equine experts, and safety personnel. Our expertise combined with your input will result in a barn that horses and humans can both enjoy for years to come.


While daring to be a builder of exceptional barns, we also insist on safety and functionality in our structures. Every detail is designed and built with great care and thought - from site work to decorative finishing touches, to perfectly matched water buckets!

The level of quality we build into each of our structures is unparalleled. You will find no other barn as well crafted or as carefully planned as you will with Elite Barn Structures. Our workmanship, service, materials, and process are nothing less than meticulous. This is your dream, why should it be anything less?

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